COVID-19 Safety

Our Promise to Keep Everyone Safe.

We want to assure both our customers & staff we will  continue to keep our location clean and safe. 

We already use Barbicide® on all our barber tools and surfaces. We use bleach to ensure that our facilitates are safe and our hair and shave towels are washed at 90° using professional cleaning products. Our cups and glasses are washed at 70° using dishwashing products.

We accept contactless & apple pay for easy, safe payments

We have introduced further measures including personal protective equipment & hand gels. 

Each barber will be required to wear a PPE to protect both you and them. This will include Gloves that will be changed after each client. Face guards that will be disinfected between each client. 

Oliver’s will introduce medical grade safety screens between each barber station. This will protect you the client and the barber from cross contamination. 

We will only be accepting card payments this is the safest way to pay. Barbers will be able to take payments while you are in the chair. 

This is all for the safety of everyone & we thank you for your support. 

The ob Team.